Surely many of you know the benefit and importance of protein in our daily diet. Sufficient intake of protein can help build and repair muscles or torn tissues. Protein also plays the role of producing enzyme and hormone, supports the immune system and helps to keep the energy and stamina level high.


Most of the protein in our diet comes from animal-based products such as beef, fish, chicken, egg and milk. There are also plant-based products such as beans. Knowing the importance of protein in our diet, many among us also consume supplements to make up for the daily protein intake


Through a study from fitnessrxwomen, they believe that women taking protein is not only important for health, but also for beauty. Below are the 10 facts of why protein is so important to women who are concerned of both health and beauty.


  1. Helps maintain ideal body weight

Increase protein in your diet and lessen the intake of carbohydrates help reduce fat tissues in your body. Continuous practice can help maintain an ideal body weight.


  1. Helps control appetite

Take high-protein food such as greek yogurt with fresh fruits early in the morning will activate the hormone to react and suppress appetite for the whole day.


  1. Makes you feel full

Taking high-protein food helps control your appetite and give you a sense of fullness for a longer period of time compare to carbohydrates and fats.


  1. Protein helps burn more calories

 Compare to high-carbohydrates diet, high-protein diet triggers a higher thermogenesis process. Thermogenesis is a process where the body increases energy and more protein production which will signal the body to burn more calories before, during and after meals.


  1. Protein important for bone health

 The amount of protein in our daily diet can affect the calcium level in our body. Low-protein diet will affect our digestive system in absorbing calcium and it will be indirectly obtained from our skeletal system. When this happens, one will experience loss of bone density


  1. Helps fight aging

Through aging process, one will lose muscle mass and to ensure the aging process does not disrupt the muscle growth, it is important to consume protein besides regular exercises.


  1. Protect you from stress

 Stress not only pressures you mentally but will also cause the whole internal system goes haywire and can even disrupt hormones. Consume more protein than what’s recommended is good as it can restore and recover the body system.


  1. Good for skin

Skin is the largest body organ expose to the sunlight and UV ray which will cause harm to the skin. Diet with high amino acid and usage of good sunscreen can protect and reduce UV effect. Protein is also important in skin cell regeneration process so that it will always look flawless, tight and ageless.


  1. Good for hair

 Hair is the crown of a woman. If you want thick and healthy hair, you need sufficient protein. It is believed that taking protein can solve hair loss and hair growth problem.


  1. Eat without feeling guilty because it is TASTY

 Many has the perception that to have a body with nice figure one will need to eat a lot of vegetables and reduce the intake of protein and carbohydrates. Nevertheless, taking adequate protein through a balanced diet is very important for the body because muscle, bone and even hair growth needs amino acid. So do not feel guilty just because you have taken a meal that contains fish, meat and so on


And so, these are the 10 facts to why protein is important to women who is beauty-conscious. Protein intake can indirectly help improve the health and fitness of a women. Therefore, eat wisely and responsibly.