The National Sports Institute (NSI), an agency under the Ministry of Youth and Sports, is the pioneer of advancement and excellence in national sports science, medicine and technology. Excellence and success in improving the performance of athletes and national sports are the main focus of the NSI, as success in producing world-class athletes result from the adoption of elements of sports science and sports medicine from the outset to nurture world-class athletes.

To prepare for the development and expansion of the application of superior and world-class sports science, medicine and technology, the NSI has formulated a long-term plan from 2015 to 2025 to determine the direction for the development and advancement of an integrated and holistic approach to national sports science, medicine and technology. This will realise the aspirations of the ministry’s strategic plan, Vision 2020 and the national mission.

Apart from determining the direction of the ministry, the formulation of the NSI’s 2015 – 2025 Strategic Plan is crucial to the country’s sports which constantly face the challenges of advancement in sports science, medicine and innovation from other countries which continue to compete to develop their sports to uphold national prestige and pride.

Taking into account the current issues and challenges related to the development and growth of sports, the review of strategic plan 2016 – 2020 has been designed to pave the way towards excellence and glory through the planning and implementation of strategic and systematic programmes.

This plan will serve as a guide and source of reference for the NSI senior management and staff to realise the aspiration of the NSI transforming into a superior and world-class institute for the development and application of sports science, medicine and innovation. This will in turn boost the performance of national athletes and sports in general.