Generally, biomechanics is the study of internal and external forces acting on the body and effects that result (movement) from these forces. In National Sports Institute of Malaysia, Sports and Clinical biomechanics services are provided to the athletes.

A wide range of equipment is used to assist coaches to assess, monitor and optimize the athlete’s performance. Both 2D and 3D equipment ranging from video cameras to motion analysis system are utilized. In clinical biomechanics, biomechanist aim to assist the sports medicine department with the athlete’s journey to recovery from injury.

Isokinetic machine is used to evaluate muscle imbalance in athletes while the 3D motion analysis system is used to asses athletes walking gait. Within sports biomechanics several equipment such as high speed camera, force platform,   pressure measurement system, radar gun, underwater camera, eye tracker, instrumented treadmill and GPS system are used in accordance to sports specificity. Ultimately, the biomechanics department aims to merge practical theories with findings to heighten athletes performance.