1. How to apply for vacant posts at the National Sports Institute of Malaysia?

The applicant vacancies can visit ISN and send a resume and certificate-Jil related to: –

Human Resources Branch,
National Institute of Sports,
National Sports Complex,
Bukit Jalil, Cheras, 57000
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

2. I want to make industrial training at the National Sports Institute, what is the procedure?

You can visit the official website at ISN click this link to know the procedures to fill the practical training that has been provided.

3. I suffered an injury during sports activities. Can I get treatment at the National Sports Institute?

To the knowledge of brothers / sisters, currently only the National Sports Institute provides treatment services to athletes in sports that are in the training program of the National Sports Council. Plans to provide treatment services to the public sport is still in the stage of determining which treatment charges will apply. After the final say will be undertaken by the top management of the National Sports Institute, we will make an official announcement to the public.

4. I have another question that is not available on this page. To whom should I contact?

For other inquiries regarding the National Sports Institute, you can contact Mr. NIYEWZUAN at 03-89919648 or email to [email protected]