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Prepared by Suresh Marathamuthu and Mohd Zaid Bin Mohd Ghazali, Centre for Professional Education, Research and Education Division, National Sports Institute of Malaysia
29 NOVEMBER 2017, BUKIT JALIL: The National Sports Institute (ISN) through the Centre for Professional Education, Research & Education Division has organized the Australian Strength and Conditioning Level 2 course from 26th-29th  November 2017.
This course aims to provide participants with knowledge to improvise current practice in strength and conditioning in accordance with international standard.
In addition, this accreditation course will certify the successful participants with ASCA Level 2 certification and coaching accreditation.
The instructor of the course, Mr.Robert John Ballard holds a level 3 ASCA certification.
A total of 15 ISN strength and conditioning officers participated in this course.
Throughout this course the participants were exposed to knowledge and skills theoretically about 30% and practically about 70% on the basis of speed, endurance, flexibility training, energy system, sport specific warm-up and other applied elements.
In order to fulfil the ASCA Level 2 certification requirements, participants are required to complete a work book, practical coaching hours monitor by qualified instructors and an article write-up on specific training program over 6 months.
Overall, all participants have actively participated in the four days course.
This course ends with the presentation of the certificate of appreciation by YBrs.En. Ahmad Zawawi Bin Zakaria, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of National Sports Institute to the instructor of the course.
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