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Prepared by : Mohd Zaid Mohd Ghazali, Head of Professional Education Centre, Research and Education Division, National Sports Institute of Malaysia

LONDON, 26 JUNE 2017: After ISN received recognition from the National Science Council (NSC) as the Centre of Excellence in Sports Technology Research and Development (R&D) in May, a team from ISN explored Sports Technology R&D in the most interactive and comprehensive event in Europe for the elite sports profession ‘The Elite Sports Performance & Rehabilitation Expo’ at ExCeL Exhibition Center, London, United Kingdom.

The event was held on 7-8 June 2017 which brought together 150 sports product suppliers, 50 sports performance experts and rehabilitation practitioners from across Europe and attended by 1500 participants. Participants included coaches, sports analysts, sports managers, athletes, students, sports enthusiast from all over the world, creating the most educational and comprehensive event for the European elite sports profession.

Two officers from the Research and Education Division, National Sports Institute of Malaysia (ISN) Mohd Zaid Mohd Ghazali, Head of Professional Education Centre and Mohamad Fauzi Ibrahim, Sports Technology Engineer from the Centre of Research & Development attended the expo.

This two-day event allowed participants to have access to a whole range of innovative changes within the elite sports sector. Both days were filled with seminars, workshops, live demos and exhibitions. Elite Sports Expo ran directly alongside COPA and the European Neuro Convention, providing a huge range of opportunities to explore. The sports innovation demonstrations allowed the participants to experience the products available in the market. A key product showcased was NovoThor – A Light Therapy Masterclass used by Olympic Champions like MO Farah, Matt Controwitz and Galen Rupp to reduce fatigue, increases strength and improve recovery. This product was awarded the Innovation of the year 2016 from the organizer and Nike Oregon chose to use it for their athletes.

Besides that, Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) for Rehabilitation & Recovery was demonstrated. This product has been widely used in Europe for fast recovery and rehabilitation and is changing the game in elite sports. The ability to improve recovery and aid rehabilitation in athletes could be the key to unlocking the 1% difference between winning and losing.

The expo invited some of the best sporting minds in the UK to impart their expertise with specialism across key aspects of performance and rehabilitation like, GB Rowing and Athlantic Rowing Adventurer, Hannah Lawton, Performance Manager- GB Paralympic Powerliftng Team,Tom Whittaker, Consultant Neurosurgeon for Manchester United Prof. Dr. Walte Bini and Olympic Silver Medalist Diver at the 2004 Athens Olympics, Leon Taylor.

Mohd Zaid Mohd Ghazali reported that in order for elite athletes in Malaysia to reach optimum level, strong technological and innovative support as well as effective techniques in recovery and injury prevention needs to be extensively explored.

Key highlights received from the speakers included the importance of identifying promising athletes through ‘Talent ID’ which is not a simple process such as reporting only data spreadsheets. Other than fitness testing, important factors include: Winning Mentality, defining ‘solid’ athlete in detail, competitive environment, incorporating sports science in early stage and psychological aspects will have a big impact on producing future talent.

This expo allowed exhibitors to engage with sports enthusiasts and media in a competitive market as well as gaining feedbacks and generate profits.