Director of National Coaching Academy

Head of National Coaching Certification & Licensing

Head of Coaching Education Center

Client’s Charter for the National Coaching Academy

  1. To ensure the results of the Sports Science Level II and III course results can be accessed online at isn.gov.my or coachingacademy.isn.gov.my within thirty (30) working days from the conclusion of the course.
  2. To prepare the SPKK coaching certificate within three (3) months (depending on relevant national sporting association) once the license has been received.
  3. To ensure that the sports science certificate is issued within sixty (60) working days from the time results are announced on isn.gov.my or coachingacademy.isn.gov.my.
  4. Cooperate with any national sports association or other organization to ensure the successful running of Specific Sports Courses, Sports Science Courses and Continual Coaching Courses within forty five (45) days of official application.


The NCA is the part of the NSI that awards certification to coaches under the National Coaches Licensing Scheme (SPKK) levels I, II, III. This scheme sets the national standard of accreditation for coaches in their respective sports.


The National Coaching Academy (AKK) was officially launched 19th July 2012 by the then Minister of Youth and Sports Dato’ Sri Ahmad Shabery Bin Cheek at the NSC Commonwealth Hall, Bukit Jalil with the mandate to optimize the functions of the National Coaching Board which has been in existence since 1985. The leadership of the Academy was officially given to the NSI from the NSC from the 1st of July, 2015. This change was announced by the then Minister of Youth and Sports Khairy B. Jamaluddin on the 12th of February, 2015



Grooming coaches of quality, professional and of international level


  1. Managing continuous education programs in Sports Science and Sports Specification in order that coaches obtain the latest knowledge and at the same time increase skills and professionalism in their respective sports.
  2. Planning and initializing programs towards grooming sports coaches that are innovative, dynamic and progressive in line with the vision to increase the professional prestige of national sports coaching.



  1. Building and conducting certification programs and coaching courses to further ensconce the quality of national coaching and acceptance of local coaches. To carry out this responsibility, the Academy has formed a panel of advisors.
  2. Panel members are responsible for giving advice on all aspects on planning and improving programs conducted by the Academy.



Functions of the department

  1. Planning and conducting the Sports Science Level I, ii, iii courses according to the yearly schedule.
  2. Administering sports science courses for interested third parties (external organizations/NGO/departments/bodies)
  3. Assisting national sports associations to prepare the curriculums for their respective Sports Specific Coaching Courses.
  4. Responsible for preparing the curriculums for the Sports Science course and the Physical Conditioning Coaching course.
  5. Assisting national sports associations through grants to conduct courses or seminars at local and international levels.
  6. Managing the application for coaching licenses under the National Coaching Licensing Scheme.
  7. Collecting and collating research findings and materials in preparing the Coaching Journal.
  8. Conducting the workshop to refine the sports science syllabus and National Sports Association.
  9. Administering the system and coaches registered under the National Registry Of Coaches (NROC)



Functions of the department

  1. Planning and executing the Continuing Coaching Education program by offering the Basic Coach Education (BCE), Advance Coach Education (ACE), Foundation of Applied Coach Education (FACE) and the Coach Development programs.
  2. Responsible for preparing the curriculum for the Continuing Coach Education (CCE) and Coach Development programs.
  3. Managing the applications from associations for the International Continuous Coach Education (ICCE) program.
  4. Managing seminars/symposia/conference and the Coaches Talk and Share program as additional education for coaches.
  5. Responsible for disseminating information on the offering of new and current programs through media and website.
  6. Collecting and chronicling research findings and material for the coaching bulletin.
  7. Managing and sending the Malaysian representative to the conference held by the International Council for Coaching Excellence
  8. Planning the training management for the self-improvement and knowledge of academy instructors and officers.
  9. Managing the National Coaches Awards with the assistance of the Ministry of Youth and Sports.