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Prepared by Suresh Marathamuthu and Ikhsan Bin Mohd Noor, Centre for Professional Education, Research and Education Division, National Sports Institute of Malaysia


BUKIT JALIL, 08 December 2017 – ISN Lecture Series 9/2017 has been held with the presence of about 100 participants. The program was attended by Sports Association, Athletes, Coaches, Sports Organizers, University students and ISN staff.

Prof. Dr. Jessica Van Oosterwijck, Senior Researcher, Department of Rehabilitation Science and Physiotherapy, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Ghent University, Belgium was the speaker at this 9th ISN Lecture Series.

Prof. Dr. Jessica Van Oosterwijck graduated in 2006 as a Master of Science in Physiotherapy (Magna cum laude) at the University College Antwerp (Belgium).

She obtained her PhD degree in Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy in 2011 at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Belgium) with a dissertation on chronic pain and central sensitization.

Her main research topics of interest are central nervous system mechanisms of pain and fatigue, exercise pathophysiology, pain-motor interactions and rehabilitation in chronic pain populations like those suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, chronic whiplash associated disorders, chronic and recurrent low back pain, osteoarthritis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Her expertise extends to different research methodologies to evaluate pain, psychological factors, physical activity levels, exercise capacity, autonomic function, muscle and brain function and structure.

In this program, she has delivered a very interesting topic on ‘The Chronification of Low Back Pain: Necessity of a Biopsychosocial Approach’.

In this presentation, Prof. Jessica recapped exercise therapy which targets correction of identified changes in deep muscle activation, changes in superficial muscle control and optimization of posture and movement can therefore be complemented by psychoeducational interventions addressing pain neurophysiology and pain behaviour and beliefs.

At the end of the program, Dr. Yeo Wee Kian, Director of National Coaching Academy has presented a certificate of appreciation to Prof. Jessica.

Following the lecture, Prof Jessica went on a brief tour around ISN Integrated Lab such as Whole Body Cryotherapy Lab (Ice lab) and Environmental and Altitude Chamber.