PODIUM Silat Olahraga athletes went through competitive match in Uzbekistan

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Samarqand – Five of PODIUM Silat Olahraga athletes selected to be in Uzbekistan for 9 days for training camp and world-class competition since April 9.

They were 3 times World Champions Mohd Al-Jufferi Jamari, Siti Rahmah, Fauzi Khalid, Siti Humairah and a new athlete who was selected into PODIUM Programme, Razak Ghazali and Coach Nasri Nasir.

The main mission of the national team are to engage in four games with the Uzbekistan National Pencak Silat team from 14 to 16 May 2017.

Uzbekistan has shown the ability to produce many world-class champions, including the President of the Federation of Uzbekistan Pencak Silat, Aziz Djurabayev the World Champion of Kick Boxing in 2001 and Taekwondo Champion at the Taekwondo Championships USSR in 1991 before setting up Pencak Silat Association of Uzbekistan in 2009.

Uzbekistan’s involvement in the sport of martial arts moves aggressively targeted the Uzbek squad chasing the podium at the Asian Games in Jakarta, 2018.

Uzbek fighters had also made several name at the World Championships in Bali, Indonesia last year in which they qualified to the semi-finals.

Martial arts sport has been accepted throughout Asian region led to training in Uzbekistan to be among the national team plans to look at potential sparring team training in some Asian countries towards the Asian Games 2018.

Apart from Pencak Silat athletes, General Manager of Pesaka Datuk Osman Nok, SUKMA 2016 and SEA 7th Champion – Mohammad Zaris Hakim (category C: 55-60kg) and PODIUM Head Project Management, Ravidran Varnagopal were also there.